My teammate and I know diferents programming lenguages, for this reason we decide to do something that neither of us knew. During the week we discussed about what project we could do, and finally, friday night we decided that we needed something to organize all information about hackathons. Also, this idea allow us to learn about real-time data bases, this was a topic that interested us.

What it does

TravelHack is a web app that provides hackers information about their next hackathon. Hackers can found basic information and tips about the hackathon, some details about their travel and a "Don't forget" list.

TravelHack allows each user to create an account and save the following information:

  • HACKATHON: This section contains name, data and hackathon ubication (country, city and university).
  • TRAVEL: This section contains information about transport.
  • DON'T FORGET LIST: In this section, the user can write down all the things that he will need at the hackathon. The elements could be distributed in differents seccions (electronic, bath, night, clothing, ...).

How I build it

To work with real-time data update, we decided to use JavaScript Framework Vue.js. To do vue.js main and all components we use HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To create different users we thank to use Firebase Authentication and to save different item lists we used FireBase Realtime Database.

Challenges I ran into

The most challenging thing we have done during this hackathon was to try to do a project using technologies that we rarely use or don't even know.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Although we can't finally our project, we are proud of already submit a project. Created a simple user interface and connect vue.js with firebase. And also learn how to work with vue.js for displaying data from a database.

What I learned

We learned a lot of things, HTML, CSS, Java Script, vue.js, Firebase RealTime Database and Firebase Authentication.

What's next for TravelHack

We need to finish the project! And add the possibility to connect multiple users with a same dashboard, also add the organizer user that can give some advices to the hackers like picking different kind of clothes or buy tickets for shipper flights or train tickets.

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