What it is

This project has two parts witch correspond to frontend and backend. Both parts are in different branches on this repo.

Basically is an android app that consumes a REST API to show a list with all the missions of ESA (European Space Agency).

What technologies do it uses

At backend: Python, Django, DjangoRestFramework, BeautifulSoup, SQLite At frontend Java, Android, retrofit

How to run it

The frontent can be run in a local server using python3 runserver In order to generate the database the following commands must bne executed:

  • python3 migrate

  • python rest/


The API is hosted on AWS so it can be accessed anywhere. Ther's also a Jenkins configured at port 8000, but is deactivated just in case it fails on the demo.


  • /misions/
  • /missions/

Example json

    "pk": 1248,
    "name": "Athena",
    "description": "Probing the hot and energetic Universe",
    "url": "",
    "img": "",
    "web": [
            "num": 0,
            "tag": "p",
            "value": "Mission Summary Athena Advanced Telescope for High-E..."
            "num": 1,
            "tag": "img",
            "value": ""
          }  ]


All the contents (both text and images) are property of ESA, I do no own any of that. This is mean to be a personal project.

Latests commits

  • Frondend branch: ac24776058adc3c3033f24a9c586dd708ecff3c4
  • Backend branch: b137611bb7a80efad5cada54ee16ed1021ccb02c

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