At Lovett College, our GroupMe is clogged with repetitive notifications to the tune of "Washer X to Dryer Y" as people move others' clothes into dryers. And countless times, Lovetteers have walked down to the laundry room, only to find that there are no washers or dryers available to them. Many are disgruntled by the lack of a platform to ensure an efficient seamless process to do laundry with confidence. This is where LaundryLink comes in.

What it does

With a simple yet effective UI, LaundryLink provides a wide array of solutions to tackle this problem through a mobile application. First, it lists out all of the washers and dryers in Lovett College. There are buttons next to each represented washer/dryer, prompting the user to "Start washing!" or "Start drying!". When the user clicks the button, a countdown timer is set off, counting down from either 30 minutes for washing clothes or 45 minutes for drying clothes. Thus, the app will make sure that the users are promptly informed when to get their clothes from the laundry room. To address the problem of GroupMe notifications, we have implemented a "chat" feature within LaundryLink. A message can be sent to notify other users of the application that Washer X is being moved to Washer Y.

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How we built it

We built LaundryLink using React Native, Javascript, and CSS. By importing select packages, we were able to create an interface that was extremely friendly to the user, preventing them from any confusion. With React Hooks implemented into the code, the environment was made to be interactive by keeping track of the user's inputs and interactions with the mobile device.

Challenges we ran into

It was our first time making a mobile application, so it was a bit tough getting used to React Native and connecting an iOS simulator to our IDE. However, we were able to learn a lot by referencing tutorials and guides online.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're really proud that LaundryLink definitively solves a problem that is present in our real lives. It addresses the inefficiency in our current laundry system and proposes an integrated application that we truly believe that everyone can benefit from. Additionally, we're proud that we made so much progress in 36 hours, as most of the members of the team have never participated in a hackathon before.

What we learned

From this hackathon, we've obtained a better grasp of the syntax of Javascript, and will definitely improve upon that in the future. We also learned how to combine form and function — LaundryLink was able to provide a beneficial solution in a clean user interface.

What's next for LaundryLink

Next, we hope to expand it to other colleges within Rice University, and hopefully, other universities as well. We also hope to include other variables in the app, such as whether the user is comfortable with having their clothes moved into their dryer by others or not.

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