Are you a university student who lives by themselves and does their own laundry? Are you a highschool student forced to do your own laundry? Are you tired of it?

We are!

What it does

LaundryBOT now has the software to identify and classify different types of clothing into the following categories: Tshirt, Trouser, Pullover, Dress, Coat, Sandal, Shirt, Sneaker, Boot

How I built it

We used fundamental concepts of Machine Learning and AI such as pandas, sklearn and tensorflow in order to convert images of the clothing into monochrome pictures and then use a trained model to determine the category.

Challenges I ran into

Originally we had planned to have the LaundryBOT have live detection through a camera feed, however many issues arose and we were not able to successfully accomplish this.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our trained Machine Learning model is able to accurately determine the category of the clothing to 96.67%.

What I learned

We learned many methods of image processing and machine learning

What's next for LaundryBOT

Now that the LaundryBOT can identify clothing, we plan to attach it to a live detection system and a machine to fold the article of clothing!

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