I hate doing laundry! Let's help that with an Alexa Skill to help me out! This skill will assist you with washing articles of clothing, stains, fabrics / materials, and will even give you a visual display / browser of Laundry Symbols.

You can ask laundry cat how to wash clothing items, stains, or fabric types. You can also ask about Laundry Symbols and use the Echo Show / Spot to browse through the items. If you hate laundry, get an Echo Show or Spot into your laundry room to help you get through your laundry with Laundry Cat! Meow!


What it does

Uses Alexa and Alexa Show Video to help you do laundry!

How I built it

Alexa Skills SDK, NODEJS, Lambda

Challenges I ran into

Getting used to the Alexa Intents and whatnot!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Utilizing the interaction capabilities of the Show to browse laundry symbols NEAT!


Built With

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