Doing laundry is a tough job. it gets tougher when you live in apartments. usually laundromat in larger apartments are difficult due to no way of knowing whether a washer /dryer is free , we need to first make a visit to ascertain it is available and get back with our load of cloths meanwhile if someone takes it then have to wait which can ruin a nice weekend . so iot can help here by simply able to track the availability and also helps to get notified when it is complete so that meanwhile you can go and perform other chores without worrying about running late and someone taking your laundry out

Simple. we will attach iot devices such as ESP32 in the washer/dryers which will communicate the start and stop actions to aws iot

used java sdk for iot and spawned multiple simulators in an ec2 instance for washer/dryers(devices manually registered as thing in aws iot console). they will periodically send the sensor details such as temp/humidity/pressure and star/stop actions to a topic.

Topic rules is set to route the incoming messages to a kinesis steam . Java lambda function is written to process the message and insert/update into a dynamodb table AWS API Gateway + Lambda service is written to query the status of all devices

Registering the device automatically aka device onboarding service .

the Solution can surely provide much needed peace of mind for Apartment tenants. Personally i started the project very late and able to accomplish in 3 days


What's next for Laundroiot - Auto onboarding and large scale implementation by rolling out to many apartments.

Develop Mobile App . Pay per use - basically enrolling users to pay for laundry use via the App instead of using quarters or laundry cards. Potentially linking up with services like amazon prime /apple pay etc Providing usage statistics to Apartment Management, Monitor washer /dryer and taking out devices for maintenance etc.

Built With

  • apigateway
  • java-aws-iot
  • kinesis
  • knockout.js
  • lambda
  • oraclejet
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