Dry cleaning. Everyone needs clean clothes right? But what's the issue? We ain't got time for that. For those of us that live in the real world outside of the google campus, there is little time to complete our daily tasks. Luckily, good old fashioned commerce allows others to do it for us!

Delivery laundry services are growing rapidly. This $20 billion industry is fragmented and lacks clear leaders. With two-thirds of the laundry industry focused on retail, competition is high and business to customer relationships are important. However, the ability for real-time data and tracking of this delivery service through Salesforce has proved difficult. How can we track these services? To better serve these businesses, we have created Laund.RI.

Laund.RI is a simple, open-source web application that can be utilized by drivers to track orders processed through Salesforce. Our application gathers orders from Salesforce, and presents them to drivers, who can view order details, claim orders, and change order statuses conveniently on their smartphones.

Features: Drivers are able to timestamp pickups, indicate when they are en route, view their locations, and indicate when they are delivered. This data is automatically updated in your Salesforce account in order for your customer service representative to give real real time data back to customers. A happy customer makes for repeat business.

Added Benefits: Need something quickly? Call the company and they can pinpoint which driver has your items and send them directly to your house.

Use cases: This would be used by companies of all sizes with their driver force. The driver would simply need a smartphone and he/she will have access to the order information.

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