The amount of logistical information for young adults transitioning out of foster care to keep track of can be daunting.

What it does

This web application is a platform that allows young adults and their caseworkers to plan goals for independence, track progress, and aggregate important documents.

When getting started, the young adult will have a set of "missions". A mission might be to secure housing, or might be to ascertain all necessary forms of ID for employment.

Inside of each mission is a set of "goals" involved to complete the mission. Each goal (e.g. Get your State ID) can be tracked by both the young adult and their caseworkers. Important documents for that goal can be uploaded and shared.

How we built it

Currently, this project is simply a group of wireframes, this lives as a design concept, but could be developed and built with a number of frameworks and platforms.

Challenges we ran into

We had several permeating questions throughout the design process:

  • How do we engage young adults to keep this up to date, and to persist with their goals without the notion of penalties/escalations?
  • How much should caseworkers be able to see in a young adult's profile?
  • What ethical/legal concerns do we need to consider for the types of information this application would store?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud of the clean and intuitive design (Jess is an awesome designer!) and think that this platform could be really easily extended to include dozens of other features.

What we learned

There are so many more facets of transitioning out of foster care than we realized!

What's next for LaunchPad

Iterative development! See the "Roadmap" slide in our attached deck for more details!

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