We thought it would be pretty neat to use my Novation Launchpad for a project. Drones are also neat

What it does

It allows you to control a drone with a Novation Launchpad

How I built it

We used 3rd party python libraries to interact with the launchpad and the drone, and created a system that maps keys to commands.

Challenges I ran into

The official python drone API wrapper does not work, and so we had to rewrite for a new API wrapper. The API was good for sending signals, but sending a single signal was not enough to guarantee drone reponse.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got the drone to launch.

What I learned

UDP is not an incredibly fun protocol.

What's next for Launchpad Controlling Drone

I'm going to continue work on it (with or without a drone) until we can record and play-back motions.

Built With

  • novation-launchpad
  • parrot-ar-drone-2
  • python
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