What inspired me and target users

I wanted to implement some useful and small project. Quite a while ago I was thinking about a web application that would allow our QA and managers to do application deployments when they want without bothering developers.

Key features

This application will allow to do much more than only deployments as practically anything can be done with scripts. Easiest implementation would probably be to just execute scripts on remote hosts and then after script is executed, show the console output back to user. Here console output is shown as script is executed. I think it's quite useful (right now we use docker to deploy to our qa server and it can take some time to build container and restart it).

Benefits of using Go

This application benefits from go concurrency (can handle multiple simultaneous connections easily) as well as the fact that go application compiles to a single binary (in this particular case all the web application along with html templates, css and javascripts is compiled into single easy to use binary).


Scripts list Script executin

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