Restle is a framework created to help entrepreneurs scale their their products without the worry of technical debt, having to spend hundreds of hours or hundreds of thousands of dollars in backend development. Restle is the first framework that satisfies the needs of both a junior developer who wants to get an API off the ground ASAP to a senior developer that cares a lot about flexibility and scalability.

Restle allows a developer to focus on the things that matter, like what your data looks like, where your data lives, and who has access to it. The framework reduces the annoyances of boilerplate and other wastes that are detrimental to any entrepreneur and her company.

Restle is an open source framework that has powerful, pluggable tools built on top of it. In the lean entrepreneurial world that many live today, it is unacceptable to waste time but at the same time it's expected to have a scalable product that will be around until product market-fit. Companies like Heroku and Firebase have made the development process extremely easy for various technical founders and Restle aims to take it even one step further. Following a similar business model to Heroku and Firebase, we want to provide accessible tools for anyone to build the API that they need.

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