LaTeX has a steep learning curve - what if there were a tool to automatically turn mathematical equations and logical statements into LaTeX code?

What it does

Takes symbols, user-inputted text, and formulas as input - then translates it to the correctly formatted LaTeX code

How I built it

HTML and CSS formatting, with JavaScript support for buttons and translation functions

Challenges I ran into

Formatting the symbol buttons, parsing tokens in the user input (i.e., how do we best allow the user to enter the bounds for a sum?), and translating token-by-token instead of as a single string

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

This was my introduction to JavaScript! I'm not even done with the LinkedIn Learning course, and was already able to apply concepts to this project.

What I learned

How to apply inline CSS styling, how to link HTML and JavaScript files, how to deploy sites on github-pages, and more familiarity with pulling/pushing/handling merge conflicts!

What's next for LaTeXnically

Adding more functions and closer integration with Overleaf

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