Creating beautiful and elegant documents can often be very time consuming, especially when you need to typeset math and other figures. LaTeX allows users to create clean and professional documents, but it has a very high learning curve and is usually much slower than handwriting. LaTeXiFy was created to ease this situation!

You just take a picture of what you wrote and LaTeXiFy will use statistical machine learning to read your handwriting and analyze the layout of the document. It then generates a .tex file and compiles it to a clean PDF -- completely hassle free!

Traditional OCR tools are not very effective for handwriting recognition and most research papers have suggested that you need very large datasets to develop effective classifiers for handwriting. To circumvent these issues we turned to computational topology and looked at the fundamental branches and loops that each letter has. We even introduce autocorrect so that it fixes spelling mistakes when it reads in your handwriting!

LaTeXiFy not only reads in text, but it can understand most mathematical symbols as well!

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