Topic: Vote to Prevent: Preventing cognitive decline.

👀 Inspiration

I was inspired to create Lantern after seeing my grandfather had a cognitive decline and it was very difficult for him to manage it. Most of the times he will be depressesd which makes me feel sad and Furthermore, I came to know nearly 10 million people suffer from cognitive decline and it is very hard to live their daily lives. So, I decided to help them out with my app. Thus, I created Lantern.

✨ What it does

Lantern helps you to prevent cognitive decline with amazing features. The following features are:

(i) Meditation : You can listen to meditation music and perform meditation. As evidence suggests that meditation may improve some aspects of cognition.

(ii) Exercise : In our app you can able to watch simple exercise videos which make you fit physically and mentally. As engaging in a program of regular exercise improved cognitive function in people who already had memory problems.

(iii) Sleep: Inefficient sleeping considered as a major problem of cognitive decline. So, if you can't able to sleep, you can listen to bed time stories in our app using spotify.

(iv) Game: We have designed a tic tac toe game. Because it helps develop coordination, fine motor skills and visual skills.It can help improve your concentration.

(v) Diet: We suggest you healthy food to eat with the certain calories. As mediterranean diet eating pattern has long been recognized as promoting better cardiovascular health,lowering the risk of certain cancers, and may protect against cognitive decline.

(v) AR: We also have real time AR feature where you can experience AR at your home. You can have a fun and relaxing time with experiencing AR in real-time. It also relaxes your mind and make you active.

(vi)Connect: It is a chat feature you can able to chat with your friends. Strong social interactions can help protect your memory and cognitive function in several ways as you age. Research shows that people with strong social ties are less likely to experience cognitive declines than those who are alone.

(vii) To-do List: Using To-Do list makes you a super productive and organized person.

🥳 How we built it

I built the app using flutter and I have done Tic-Tac-Toe game using CSS, JS, HTML. I used Figma to create a wireframe of the app. And echo AR for the AR stuffs. And this is the first time I'm using flutter and echo AR

😭 Challenges we ran into

I was not able to make a standard alignment of the app. The alignment of the app changes phone to phone. And for the chat feature I can't able to make it interactive because it also needed the receiver end. And for sign up page also I guess I need to make it interactive. Since I'm in highschool as a beginner in coding I need to explore lot of new stuffs to make this things works. I think I will able to do these really soon. There were so many workshops going on that I often found myself deciding between working on this project or attending another workshop/event. In addition, deciding the features to include was a challenge. I had so many different ideas, and knew that I wouldn’t be able to implement all of them, and could only choose a few.

😀 Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud that in just two days, I was able to create a wireframe, code a mostly functional app, build a slide deck, and record & edit my pitch video. I was also able to learn a lot from this hackathon, using technologies that I had barely touched previously, which I'm proud that I was able to do!

😊 What we learned

Doing research for this app definitely opened my eyes that how people suffer from Cognitive decline --and how important it is to work towards a solution to the problem. On the more technical side, this was my first real project that I’ve used Flutter on, so I learned a lot about how to use it to format elements on the app. Overall though, since I’m still fairly new to app development, with every project I create, I learn something new; whether it be creating a certain element or just designing the overall page. And the workshops I have attended was super useful and learnt many new stuffs .

📚 What's next for Lantern

In the future, I would love to incorporate some features that I didn't get the opportunity to do today. I would make a standard alignment in every phones One main feature would be adding an interactive chat feature from both ends. And making an interactive sign up page which will stores the information securely.

Note: Alignment changes from phone to phone.

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