After leaving late several times from class, my teachers get extremely annoyed with me shoving a pass in their face and asking them to sign it. This website and app is a solution to the old tedious ways of the paper late pass while saving time.

What it does

Through the iOS app, a user can request to get a late pass from a teacher. The teacher answers from the website. If the teacher accepts the pass, then a notification will be sent to the teacher the student will be going late to. Because everything is digital, we are able to save all the times each student has been late. The principal or any other person that is set as an admin can download the stats on who has been late and why so he or she can make changes to improve the timing of the late students.

How I built it

We built the website in html, css, and javascrip and the iOS app in swift using Xcode. Both the applications use FireBase. Firebase authentication is used to provide secure logins. We used the real-time database for sending notifications to teachers and students and for keeping all the information about all the late students.

Challenges I ran into

Since this was our first time building a website using Firebase we naturally struggled with that.

What I learned

Above all, we learned how to use firebase's authentication and real-time database.

What's next for Late Pass

For us, in the future, we are planning on polishing the user interface of the app and website adding functionality so the project can work with all kinds of passes instead of only late passes, and pitching to schools to improve the pass system.

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