By time I leave the office at night, it's usually too late for me to make it to any traditional Happy Hours. This website will help me keep track of the ones that are available when I get off!

What it does displays Late Happy Hour deals (WhenHub Events) in major regions (WhenHub Schedules). I use the Weekly Recurrence Rule under each WhenHub Event to sort by day(s) available. WhenHub also allows me to enter the Happy Hour start and end time. If the end time is left blank, the Event automatically displays until "Close" on my website.

I've actually wanted to build this website for a while, but never had a good calendar to use as the back end. Google Calendar used to provide (somewhat) easy to consume XML, but discontinued that about a year ago. Also, their API is very difficult to use. WhenHub Studio provides the perfect, easy to use admin panel that I've been wanting for quite some time!

How I built it

WhenHub is the sole database. I'm using PHP to loop through WhenHub's JSON, and jQuery Mobile, HTML, and CSS on the front end. I designed the logo and wrote (most of) the synopsis copy myself. I'm pulling the restaurant photos dynamically by using the Yelp API. To power the Yelp API, I've added a WhenHub custom field to all of the Events, which stores the Yelp page for the restaurant. I'm using Google's Static Maps API to display an image of the Event area (address and latitude/longitude coordinates pulled from WhenHub).

Challenges I ran into

Getting the JSON keys and values for the custom fields (which are dynamic, and different for each Schedule) threw me off! Also converting UTC to Los Angeles time was confusing. I figured both out eventually though.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Scott Adams taught me that "Goals are for losers. Systems are for winners." The process of building this web app was tough, but a rewarding accomplishment in itself!

What I learned

See "Challenges I ran into" above. :)

What's next for Late Happy Hour

Add more regions and events!

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