When a pediatrician was asked how technology could help improve her response to sports injuries, she responded, "It would be helpful if I knew what I was doing." This response is probably an exaggeration of the pediatrician's effectiveness, but it is a striking gut reaction. A pediatrician is a general doctor who sees a wide variety of patients and, after a few preliminary tests, refers them to a specialized doctor such if needed. While some sports injuries are common, such as knee injuries, and the pediatrician becomes adept at examining them, other injuries (ankle, wrist, elbow) are less common and the pediatrician is less confident about running exams on the injury.

Can we create a tool to aid pediatricians in examining sports injuries? Can this tool be simple enough that it can also be used by non-doctors, such as physical trainers or sports coaches?

What it does

FastPass is a family-friendly, interactive tool that guides non-specialized health care providers in running appropriate exams and gathering relevant and accurate information to send to specialized doctors.

How we built it

FastPass is a website based on HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

The largest challenge was specifying a real-life problem with realistic possible solutions, which required interviewing a doctor, reviewing statistical and anecdotal evidence, and debating effective responses. It was also important to create a tool that was attractive for families and efficient for doctors in their offices.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We trained in two first-time hackathoners, introducing them to GitHub and web development. We are facilitating the accumulation of information for specialized doctors by using JavaScript with form data and generating an innovative hash code.

What we learned

We learned about real struggles of doctors who are serving patients with sports injuries. We learned special methods for mocking up an app using HTML5 and CSS3.

What's next for FastPass Diagnosis

The next would be to gather opinions of specialized doctors about the information they want to receive and their recommended exams for gathering that information. We would also like to add a note-taking ability for patients and health care providers to document their injury exam results over an extended period of time.

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