Anticipation is the key to success! Why leave until the last moment to react when delivery is late? Would you like to call your customer and tell them that the goods have just arrived?

What it does

LastLEG tell you when the delivery has reached its final destination.

How I built it

A simple hardware that sends a ping with an ID, this part goes with the product from the factory until final destination. _ tech description: arduino uno with a wireless RS232 transceiver _

Another hardware, installed on your customer facilities, which is connected to the internet and always listening for pings. When a ping is received, this device sends the ID to a cloud server. _ tech description: acmesystems Arietta running debian linux, listening on a wireless RS232 transceiver and connected to internet through wifi, code in C _

Cloud server that receives the ID and stores it in a database that will be used for data analytics. _ tech description: nignx server running an app write in PHP using cakePHP as framework and mariaDB as data storage _

Challenges I ran into

1) Make RF work in a polluted environment with WIFI radio signal, several failed trials. 2) Evaluate the best way to define a concept that allows implementation without increasing the product cost. 3) Write code in 3 different languages and platforms, Arduino, C and PHP, build the hardware, setup servers, 30hours non-stop

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I faced many issues to make RF work in a contaminated environment with so many WIFI, but I went back to basis, how RF work, found the problem and fixed.

What I learned

We can build many amazing things, but at the end, final users can't afford to drastically increase their costs. With this requirement in mind, I have learned that sometimes the most high-end technology is not what really matters.

What's next for lastLEG

LastLEG is a platform that allows the user to add others features according to needs. For example: A critical delivery that can't be affected by high humidity or temperature. Simply add sensors and collect the data when the product arrived. Why not online? It's also possible, let's talk about the possibilities.

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