When you die, where does your eth go? With our cryptowill, it doesn't need to sit in blockchain purgatory forever.

What it does

To create a will, send eth along with a specified address and time-out time to the contract. When a will is created, the creator of the will is asked to check in before a certain time period is up. Otherwise, their eth is released to the designated address.

If you decide to change your will (value, beneficiary), that's easily done with our contract. You can also withdraw your funds at any time, or transfer them directly out of the contract to someone else.

Use cases

  • immutable will; reduces chance of it being contested, or of a long time being taken to release funds after death
  • donate eth to a chosen charity after death
  • lock up your eth; handy for people in high-risk situations
  • forgetting your private key
  • set up allowance for your children

How we built it

The contract was written in solidity and integrated with the front-end via javascript.

What's next for lasting-legacy

We would like to add functionality for more use cases, create an email notification system, and improve the UI. Ideally, we would like to create a fully-functioning and live dapp.

Built With

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