We didn't have any ideas and we were following the UT Austin vs USC football game. Sadly, UT Austin lost, but this was not a common occurrence. We decided to make a page to track the meme that is UT football.

What it does

You type in the name of the college football team you want to track, and our system tries its best to identify the team you're talking about and the number of days since it last won a game and displays this information to you.

How we built it

We built it by deploying a Flask app on Heroku. It looks up a list of team names from ESPN and responds to each request by attempting to match the given name with a name it has and scrapes the ESPN website to discover the number of days since the last time the team won a game.

Challenges we ran into

We were looking for a convenient API to acquire football game data, and it turns out this data is surprisingly scarce and/or costly. Thus, we had to pivot to some sketchy website scraping to get the information that we want. Another challenge we ran into was CSS. Even though there wasn't much CSS that was required, CSS is always a struggle.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding a way to get around the lack of API problem.

What we learned

We had never scraped websites before, so we learned a bit about that. CSS is always a humbling learning experience.

What's next for Last Win

We could definitely improve the name searching functionality by adding more synonyms to schools. We could probably also add the number of days since school A won against school B specifically. Maybe we can also let you choose to see when the team you're looking at last lost.

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