Spontaneous getaways are often expensive or you need a lot of time to find a good offer. If you want to travel often you need to cut down your costs and time investment – so I thought a skill which solves both of these issues would be perfect. When I attended the Alexa Dev Day in Berlin 21st April, I started The Last Minute Fairy as a pilot project just for the day to play around with. But after being nominated first place by the attendees, I was inspired to take the challenge and build a skill with full functionality until the submission deadline of this Hackathon.

What it does

The Last Minute Fairy searches for the best flights based on your departure airport, departure date and return date. It finds flights based on price, but also on price per mile so you can also get flights which are farther away, but have a good value for money. If you like a flight, the Last Minute Fairy creates a short link, which is sent to your Alexa app and which directly links you to the corresponding connection.

How I built it

I have connected an API for the flight search, work with Rebrandly for the shortening of links and forward the user to a flight search engine based on the input values.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I wasn't sure if I was able to build it in such short amount of time – but I accomplished it. In addition to the skill itself I also found a nice looking logo and a video which highlights the USP of the Last Minute Fairy.

What's next for Last Minute Fairy

I think giving recommendations "just" based on the price isn't enough. I'd like to implement the following three features as a next step:

  1. Find flights by theme (e.g. beach, city trip, etc)
  2. Add the weather forecast for the destination
  3. Add a search based on duration, earliest departure date and latest departure date instead of fixed dates & implement a search just based on departure location – no need for dates after all.
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