As an online shopper, I have received packages with lots of empty space and packages from the same carrier on consecutive days. I was thinking of a way to reward shippers, ecommerce consumers, and transportation carriers for selecting ergonomically, greener packaging and consolidation methods for package delivery.

With the growing demand of e-commerce, an unsustainable growing number of trucks enter into city limits to deliver small parcel packages. According to CityLab, commercial trucks account for more than seven percent of traffic in cities in the United States.

What it does

An extension that optimizes online shopping carts with the fewest possible shipper(s) and carrier(s), select the greenest packaging available and allow for consolidation of their packages for delivery for a specific day and rewards consumers with cryptocurrency for using the extension. Transportation carriers and shippers can earn cryptocurrency as well for providing delivery consolidation and greener packaging options.

How I Built It

I plan on building this via Amazon Web Services. I have also looked into the Squid API for tracking of IoT devices, specifically ELD devices on trucks.

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