We think AR is a great way to make people move, but rhythm music games are all the same and lack the game's aspect. So, we decided to build a fun game that is fun to play in the first place, so you won't notice your exercise after the urge to win.

What it does

The story is simple. You're the last defender, a chicken that has to protect its tiny chicks from hungry wolves. You use the only weapon you got. To lay and roll an egg, you need to squat. Also, it would be best if you moved a lot to aim to stop all wolfs.

How we built it

We made countless prototypes of how users' movements are tracked the best. We kept in mind that it should work in the future on wearables. After choosing side-to-side movement and squats as the most "calorically" expensive movements we can track accurately, we started packing everything into a compelling story. Early on, we knew that it should be fun to play, and we definitely didn't want users to do rhythm movements; we wanted users to control action in the lens to immerse them completely.

Challenges we ran into

We spent a lot of time selecting the movements we can confidently track just using a phone that make sense from a fitness perspective. Also, it was pretty challenging to combine audio, visuals, UI, and movements to make such an exciting story and hide all technical complexity of the lens.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're happy with the final feel of the app. There is quite a lot going on under the hood, but for the users, the game feels fun and effortless (except energy you need to spend doing squats ;)). Also, we're proud that even our parents loved the game 🙂

What we learned

We learned that not all testing is easy. After polishing the game the last couple of days, our quads hurt from doing squats. We exercised our understanding of users' perception of space and movement with phones and wearables. Quite insightful was to open the game for the first time on Spectacles. It just worked and felt much better than on the phone.

What's next for Last Defender

We think about this lens as just one more step in our iterative process of understanding HCI. Our early test users gave us quite positive feedback, some ideas for improvements and plenty of insights. We're looking forward to getting even more feedback from the Snap community. Feel free to drop me an email at ( ) We don't know yet if we will continue developing Last Defender or use our learnings for the following lenses.

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