Lassoo is a fun and powerful way to surf, organize and tag web pages. Scroll through your favorite web pages with a simple swipe. Clip part or all of the page with a simple “Lassoo” (circle) motion to clip and store as a visual bookmark. Organize your page clips by category or send them to Evernote. Simply tap the clip to view the web page live. Other finger tip controls allow you to tag and annotate the page clips. Organizing links has never been so easy and so much fun. No need to rely on the web page titles used by common browsers for bookmarks, see the content you clipped as your bookmark. Lassoo is easy to navigate and e relate to. Organize your news feeds with clips of the news banners, bookmark on-line photos albums with snaps of the album front page, access your favorite artists with clips of their home pages. The possibilities are endless. Students, researchers, shoppers, professionals can all benefit from the fun and easy Lassoo interface. An elegant and intuitive tool for anyone who wants to tame the web! Don't just surf, have fun and Lassoo the web.


  • Surfing privately and securely (incognito mode)
  • Swiping from one "tab" to the next
  • Viewing surfing history
  • Having closed sessions restored on start-up
  • Locking web page lock, protecting against unpredictable page refresh
  • Saving your bookmarks or favorites to Evernote
  • Organize your favorites or bookmarks on a surface metaphor, your way
  • Go ahead and Lassoo the Web by taking snapshots, tagging, organizing and analyzing!

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