Why? Tourism is becoming more and more important in our city. Extensive efforts and ambitious projects are now in progress to put Montreal "on the map" again, and being part of that trend seemed like an interesting idea for our team. We decided to concentrate our efforts on providing information on upcoming events throughout the city. As a tourist, Montreal is best visited when you get some "off-trail" experiences, and _ Discovr _ provides just that : time-dependent geo-localization of popular and underground events in Montreal.

Datasets There are workers scraping for data on a regular basis, trying to search for interesting venues coming up. Currently there is data from sources like Eventbrite and Ville de Montréal with the possibility of having multiple more sources, like an RSS feed or even user-generated news (like twitter).

Why is it a good platform? Extensibility - The amount of events seen on screen can literally be limitless. With the help of our cloud-based MongoDB, it is easy to add new events and the concept can easily be ported to other cities. Our prototype currently only contains music shows and festivals, but it is easy to imagine a casewhere the users can easily search for cultural events or even live events happening (like protests or street shows).

Monetization - It is a great opportunity for small businesses to get themselves known via some small advertisements to boost their revenue.

Involvment - The typical citizen or tourist would be (eventually) getting live feed from activities happening across Montreal. What's happening now? Just check Discovr :)

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