One of our teammates works part time in Cineplex and at the end of the day, he told us that all their extra food was just throw out.This got us thinking, why throw the food out when you can you earn revenue and some end of the day sales for people in the local proxmity that are looking for something to eat.

What it does

Out web-app will give a chance for the restaurant to publish the food item which they are selling with a photo of the food. Meanwhile, users have the chance to see everything in real-time and order food directly from the platform. The web-app also identifies the items in the food, nutrient facts, and health benefitis, pro's and con's of the food item and displays it directly to the user. The web-app also provides a secure transaction method which can be used to pay for the food. The food by the restaurant would be sold at a discounted price.

How I built it

The page was fully made by HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. There would be both a login and signup for both the restaurants wanting to sell and also for the participants wanting to buy the food.Once signed up for the app, the entry would get stored into Azure and would request for access to the Android Pay app which will allow the users to use Android Pay to pay for the food. When the food is ordered, we use the Clarifai API which allows the users can see the ingredients, health benefits, nutrient facts, pro's and con's of the food item on their dashboard and the photo of the app. This would all come together once the food is delivered by the restaurant.

Challenges I ran into

Challenges we ran into were getting our database working as none of us have past experiences using Azure. The biggest challenge we ran into was our first two ideas but after talking to sponsors we found out that they were too limiting meaning we had to let go of the ideas and keep coming up with new ones. We started hacking late afternoon on Saturday which cut our time to finish the entire thing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are really proud of getting the entire website up and running properly within the 20 hours as we started late enough with database problems that we were at the point of giving up on Sunday morning. Additionally we were very proud of getting our Clarifai API working as none of us had past experenices with Clarifai.

What I learned

The most important thing we learned out of this hackathon was to start with a concrete idea early on as if this was done for this weekend, our idea could've included a lot more functions. This would benefit both our users and consumers.

What's next for LassMeal

Our biggest next leap would be modifying the delivery portion of the food item. Instead of the restaurant delivering the food, users that sign up for the food service, also have a chance to become a deliverer. If they are within the distance of the restaurant and going back in the prxomity of the user's home, they would be able to pick up food for the user and deliver it and earn a percentage of the entire order. This would mean both the users and restaurants are earning money now for food that was once losing them money as they were throwing it out.Another additoin would be taking our Android Mockups and transferring them into a app meaning now both the users and restaurants have a way to buy/publish food via a mobile device.

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