LaserSim is a web-based laser tag simulation built using AngularJS for an AP Statistics experiment. It aims to test for the presence of an implicit bias toward one's own race over others.


Our AP Psychology textbook packet stated that children begin fearing strangers at 8 months. It stated that as humans, we naturally enjoy the company of those who have similar “attitude and attributes” as our own. Maybe this preference is an evolved survival instinct of which even the deepest instillation of moral values, acceptance, and equality cannot rid. Are we biologically wired, by instinct, to put greater trust in people who look more like ourselves?

How it works

After specifying your race, forty images of twenty people of 5 ethnicities are shown to you in randomized order. Half are armed; half are unarmed. You have a short period of time to decide whether to "shoot" the target in front of you or not. After the game is over, your game data is sent over to Firebase for statistical analysis.

Challenges I ran into

We originally wanted to send and store shooting data in a Google spreadsheet, but we ran into so many problems and had to look for another solution. As the project due date approached, we found Firebase, which was miraculously simple to use and worked perfectly. I'm in love with Firebase now.

What I learned

I had zero experience with databases, so trying to get data sent and stored somewhere else was a new concept. I'm really happy we used Firebase, and that the project came out great in the end.

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