We wanted to build something fun, after several ideas this emerged and our eyes glowed.

What it does

It's a game. You play as a robot with a laser and shield trying to survive and destroy the other players. Once dead the player becomes part of the environment and can redirect lasers.

How I built it

We used LibGdx to do the rendering. Websockets for the communication between mobile and game server. And XBOX controllers for the game testing.

Challenges I ran into

Trying to figure out how to route traffic through the Berkeley network with low latency. I tried tunneling the game server's connection through a VPS but the performance was unacceptable. We ended up using a phone as a hotspot so we could route locally.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It turned out really well and is a lot of fun to play.

What I learned

You cannot rely on noisy wifi.

What's next for LaserMan

More plays.

Built With

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