• Deletion of geocities, etc. Archive team, digital amnesia
  • Facebook's Petabyte scale long term archival cold-storage optical robot
  • RepRap, the self-replicating 3D printer that kickstarted the 3D printing movement
  • The immutable ledger or "blockchain" itself is like a burnable DVD-disc, write-once, read-multiple

True cold data storage.

What it does

Decentralized storage system to archive the public internet.

  • Finders: anonymous, provide data that they want archived.
  • Keepers: archive data in long-term storage.

  • Erasure coding is used to distribute storage in a "holographic" way across the globe

  • We need at least 3 hacker spaces to build this device, therefore we provide free and openly available plans that anyone can use and improve upon to build this small scale optical cold-storage robot

  • users submit a URI to a public resource, for instance a youtube clip, and the burners download the movie and write it to disc.

  • An ethereum smart contract implements some basic game theory and staking mechanism

How I built it

First I build a simulation and test the idea, see

Then we used:

  • Debian linux desktop-computer to control DVD drives
  • Tahoe-LAFS tools for the erasure coding
  • Solidity, web3.js and truffle for the smart-contracts
  • A laser-cutter at Noisebridge to cut the parts
  • Arduino for the motor control, etc
  • NodeJS for the laserbot-daemon (eject cd's, talk to the SC)

Challenges I ran into

  • Zero hardware-hacking tools available
  • Amazon prime screwed-up, buying an Arduino in SF, lack of Radio Shack :cry:
  • Complexity of such a project

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

MOST PROUD: going from zero claps at pitch to getting several people very enthusiastic and actually pulling it off

  • Original mixture of hardware, software, blockchain and cryptoeconomics :boom:
  • Various implementation details (ask me)
  • Getting Noise-Bridge to be the first hackerspace to adopt the device :heart:
  • Getting team members inspired
  • Getting the project 80% off the ground: from hardware to the cryptoeconomics tought out

What I learned

Manufacturing a project like this in X hours would be entirely impossible 20 years ago: with tools like laser printers and ethereum.

You need to be in a hackerspace and iterate over the mechanics.

What's next for Laserbot

  • Redo the mechanics
  • Finish the smartcontracts and deploy
  • Move it to Noisebridge and get at least 2-other hackers spaces to build it
  • Archive the Internet!

Staying in SF for a week and finish the machine @ Noisebridge

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