The original vision behind this project was to create computer game that moved out of the computer, a game that would be projected and played with laser pointers. What we accomplished was a great step in that direction. We have a laser projector that can project basic shapes onto a wall, and have tuned the tracking.js library to let us track the position of a laser pointer on a wall.

The main feature of note in the laser projector is its construction of relatively inexpensive materials. A high end laser projector uses expensive and precise and expensive galvanometers, but our projector was constructed out of a pair of car stereo speakers. Despite some dampening problems, its images are really a sight to behold. Also notable is the clever construction of the faux-galvanometers which created relatively stable performance and impressive projection size using only what was available at hand.

Our laser tracking software will serve as the perfect input complement to the output provided by the projector.

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