boss battle laser robot

What it does

2 different difficultly levels, the robot will either spin or not spin. Has led display showing battery life. Once hit, the bot has a health bar that goes down every time you hit it with a laser, hit it 4x to win!

How I built it

Built it using arduino sensors, leds, and breadboards.

Challenges I ran into

Couldn't get the motors to run, wanted it to drive around as you try and hit it but settled on it spinning instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The led part works really well and it is fun to play with.

What I learned

Motor wiring is more complicated than expected.

What's next for laser boi

Get it to drive itself once I figure out how to properly wire motors. Could be used as a starter project for new programmers wanting to learn hands on with arduino.

Built With

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