I wanted to create an experience where the user had to move around the terrain and not just to look around.

What it does

It places a labyrinth into a plane tracker

How I built it

I have designed the level draft on paper, then I just modeled walls in 3Ds max studio to make it 3D, After that I have used the Spark template and placed there the labyrinth.

Challenges I ran into

My challenge was to make a great labyrinth design and to run into this idea.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Great workflow with 3d and Spark, even addying materials.

What I learned

Better understanding of the plane tracker and that it was so big to test at my house and that to go outside to test it was a challenge everytime haha.

What's next for lARbyrinth

Well, I think I will keep working on stuff like this, maybe beautiful places to explore around them... also more levels of labyrinths...

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