The continuous use of laptop is the primary reason for lot of troubles. It causes back pain due to wrong posture. We put a camera to see the change of postures with duration of use of laptop and found the position of user changing over time. It was the primary reason of invention of tablets to be portable and used at any place but it compromised the major use of PC, keyboard and display.

We though of a wearable interface device that can be used in any position and doing any work. A laptop has basically on a higher level i) Computation Unit ii) I/O device iii) Display We have used these as replacement for our device i) Mobile using desktop on cloud (PCoIP) ii) Flexible pressure sensitive touch panel acting as keyboard which is wearable iii) Display is epson Moverio BT200 The communication is done via bluetooth and so wearing the input device on your lap you can just tab and use the keyboard while doing multiple tasks.

So now we get a huge HD display on Moverio and a input device that gives you feedback and fingers can be tracked on the moverio. So you dont compromise on any thing and do use the full fledged desktop

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