The problem is that students' interest in digital education is declining and they are unable to use laboratories live due to the pandemic. However, it is a confirmed fact that laboratories are so helpful and important for students' education.

What it does

Students will benefit from our platform using 3d Labs and our Discord server, which attracts students who are our customers. Our product will be an app with a 3D lab, a discord server for our customers(students) to discuss education-related discussions, ask questions and find study-buddies, as well as a website to integrate it all. In addition, we have created a bot on our discord server to help and motivate students, so that they can easily use our server, and artificial intelligence can motivate them for their education. Students and pupils will be able to make their laboratory work more fun and memorable by accessing the LabSpace platform via a computer, VR, or 3D glasses.

How we built it

First we thought of the idea and designed the logo. We set our short-term and long-term goals through the business plan. Through artificial intelligence and machine learning, we have created a discord platform and a discord bot inside that will motivate students and give them interactivity. Then we created a 3D version of our lab in Blender. We currently have a collaborative website. In the future, it will work in an integrated manner with our 3D laboratory

Challenges we ran into

Some difficulties we faced and our motivation: We had to stay up late at night while preparing the discord bot for our project. Because there was an error in the bot. We surveyed pupils, students, and teachers for the platform, and 90 percent of them said they could not do laboratory assignments and work in online education. When we presented the topic of the platform, they wanted to implement this idea for them. It really motivated us.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Every member of our team is actively involved. Innovative ideas are put forward and discussions are held. We are grateful to each member of our team individually. We are 15-16 years old high-school students.

What we learned

We gained confidence, inspiration, motivation, friends, a larger network, and mentors. We learned how to hack, different APIs, how to push myself on little sleep, how to learn, how to look things up, and how to demo and sell a project.

What's next for LapSpace

People will be able to use this platform free of charge. With the pro version of the application, it will be possible to connect from the system to the laboratory environment in a more stimulating and improved way with VR devices.

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