As an entrepreneur, I often work from coffee shops or open co-working space. And what happens when I need to leave my laptop on the table to grab another drink or go to the bathroom: I worry!

So we're bringing an elegant solution to everyone needing to leave their laptop in coffee shops, co-working spaces, etc. With Laplock they can use their regular power cord as a virtual lock!

If someone tries to steal your laptop while your away, they'll have to unplug it from your power cord. This triggers a very loud alarm (car alarm style) and immediately sends you a Yo notification from LAPTOPTHIEF! We also send you Yos from LAPTOPSLEEPING or LAPLOCKDISABLED to alert you that Laplock may not remain active because your laptop went to sleep or is being shutdown.

We also provide SMS alerts but we're very happy with the Yo notification because: 1 - in coffee shops you often have good wifi but poor cellular signal 2 - the Yo notification arrives faster than the SMS most of the time

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