Parking in LA can be rather frustrating. From competing with other cars to losing your ticket or exceeding the limit in the meter because you forgot. This is the all-in-one parking solution to make your everyday life in LA easier.

What it does

There are three kind of users in this scenario: driver, dispatcher and parking spot. We created an app that allows you to look for parking locations near your destination, and book it for a certain time (3 min). Then it will guide the driver to reach the spot. This app can also be integrated into your Google Map, CarPlay or Alexa.

Each parking spot has an IoT devices includes a sensor, a microcomputer and a LED screen. If you have parked at your spot, or if someone else has, using a sensor at the parking spot demonstrated as a card and an RFDI reader. If you have parked in there, it would start counting how long you have parked, and would request payment right through the app based on the time when you leave.

How we built it

Server: LAMP on Google Cloud Platform IoT: A Wi-Fi equipped raspberry pi, an arduino, a RGB LED screen and a RFID reader. Mobile App: XCode x Swift

Challenges we ran into

Bad WiFi Bad WiFi Bad WiFi Hardware configuration (SPI debugging) Team Cooperation

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We implemented the basic functions of our smart parking system in the server, app and hardware, and each part can interact with each other.

What we learned

The knowledge we directly learned from this hackathon was technology skills, since we need to figure out the tech-problems we met in the hack process. We also improved our problem-solving skill in real-world development. In the hack progress, there were some experienced developers guided with us. We have learnt team cooperating, this is a big help on our future career path.

What's next for LAParking

Talk with the city,

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