Lantern is personalized program designed to help users achieve greater mind health across five key dimensions: stress & anxiety, sleep, mood, social life, and body image. With one-on-one coaching from experienced professionals -- plus the latest tools, techniques, and technology -- Lantern uses the globally validated cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology to help a user become his or her best self.

STEP #1: SCORE YOURSELF In just a few minutes, answer a series of real-world but scientifically-backed questions and Lantern will assess your overall strengths and challenge areas. You’ll receive immediate feedback about how to improve challenge areas and harness strengths to improve overall happiness and resilience.

STEP #2: GET A DAILY TAILORED TUNE UP Participate in quick daily activities that reduce anxiety such as interactive exercises, reading, and mood and behavior tracking -- all guided by your 1:1 Lantern coach, who is an expert in cognitive behavioral therapy, and delivered through your smartphone. The focus of your individualized program can range from tackling anxiety, stress, body image or disordered eating, mood/happiness, or enhancing relationships and interpersonal functioning.

STEP #3: GROW STRONGER Track your progress over time and watch yourself reduce challenges and adopt new, healthier habits.

Based on work at Stanford University, Washington University in St Louis, and Penn State University, Lantern has already disseminated their first program to 30+ universities across the country. Lantern is based on established research and is currently actively being evaluated with users in India, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and the US.


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