Tharsis, Mars August 23 2213

The Mariner Corporation is excited to announce increased payouts for independent mining operations. Effective immediately the purchase price of Lithium­6 by the Mariner Corporation will increase dramatically. Contractors who are already part of the independent mining program will see the new rates in the operations portal.

"The greater need for energy has pushed us to increase our production of viable reactor cores. We are excited to work with our partners to ensure that the we meet the rising demand." Said Neil R. James president of contractor operations. The Mariner Corporation would like to point out some special technical hurdles that they are working to overcome to provide better service for all of it's independent mining contractors:

  • Proper simulation of planets with underwater ecosystems

  • Understanding the encounters with underwater worlds and their ecosystem

  • Combination of video with 3d elements

  • Full realized pathing and concepting of an underwater collection operation

Log Entry 15-6-2213 16:42 MST

FINALLY! I got my Deep Sea Exploration Vehicle. I can now float around with the fish looking for that sweet Lithium. Well, whatever passes for fish in the far corners of the Milky Way.

When Mariner promised adventure I never realized what they meant is I would have a career in scanning rocks. I was going to cry if I had to fly to another asteroid belt, or barren moon, scanning and scooping space dust left from the corpse of some dying star.

What I am looking forward to, besides the great riches that I will come across in the oceans of alien worlds, is finally getting to see some life. I have heard that there are forests of kelp, schools of fish, channels, arches, and vents in the waters. While my probes are only mapping out the basic geometry of these worlds, I’m sure I’ll be able to see one of them live and in person soon. After I get the lay of the land and really understand the underwater fauna situation I will take this thing out for a spin.

Am I worried about life being a bit too interested in me, specifically how I taste? Never! Well that’s not entirely true. I am a bit worried, but I splurged and got one of the fastest subs for sale (and I’ve made a few custom modifications to it myself). Hopefully, if I come across any real danger I’ll be able to punch it and get the hell out of dodge.

Fame Fortune and Death

by Jane Yath (Galactic News)

Published 13-8-2213

For many the ability to run your own business while also having the support of a major corporation would seem like a dream come true. The mariner corporation has given promises of "Fame, Fortune, and Glory" to it's independent contractors. The image evokes one of colonial America during the privateer days. While that could be an attractive career, it also comes at a cost.

In prior years Mariner's contractors were excavating so called "dead rocks." These were asteroids or planets devoid of life. With the new undersea initiative the opportunity to find more lucrative veins of Lithium have become available.

While science has uncovered that the galaxy is not the bastion of intelligent life due to the great filter, it still has a plethora of life that is far more instinctual. This life has presented a danger to the contractors involved with Mariners undersea program. While we will be gathering more on this story in the coming weeks, we here at Galactic News wanted to get the word out as soon as possible.

Attached is a video acquired from a confidential source of one of these undersea expeditions. On it you can see the drop, some of the terrain, and the path to some more dangerous areas like underground caves. In the future we should be able to obtain video of underwater life, including "plant" and "fish" or whatever the alien equivalent of those are.

Igneous Scouting Report

Date: 30-8-2213 00:12 GST


Mass (Earths): 1.4

Parent Star: Kepler-62 K Type Main Sequence

Temperature: -170 Celsius

Surface: Metal Ore, Minerals, Methane Oceans

Tectonic Activity: Not significant

Ocean Coverage: 90%

Ocean Max Depth: 5139M (Estimated)

Percent Chance of Life: 99%

Percent Chance of Intelligent Life: 0.00001%

Lithium: Present and abundant

Notes: Kepler-62f is an excellent find. Spectroscopy readings indicate significant amounts of Lithium. Dangers include encounters with native fauna, standard liquid dangerous, and some radioactive material. Recommend further inspection for potential mining operations.

end report

To operate the experience:

Lantern will immediately begin once you start the application. At various points during the experience you will be asked to make choices on which path to take. You can perform these actions by using your gaze to lock on to one of the two large floating icons in front of you.

You may also be asked to occasionally tap the touchpad. A simple tap will work to activate the scanner in experience.

We have put in a mountain of hard work getting this together. From everyone on the LanternVR team we would like to thank you for taking the time to enjoy Lantern.

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