Whenever I travel to places whose native language is unknown to me or When I learn new language It is difficult for me to understand and learn the language. By seeing the pictures or texts written in the cities.

What it does

LanguageSimplify takes image and extracts text from it using google vision api. Now this text is given to the document analysis api and the text sentiment, Parts of speech and context are extracted from the text and displayed in the website to make you more comfortable and understand the language easily.

How we built it

Initially user uploads image in HTML document and using google cloud vision Api, Libraries like Pandas , Matplotlib the image is scanned and text is extracted from it. Now this text is passed to api using python in backend and the result is summarized on the website in the form of Sentiment analysis, Context and Parts of Speech.

Challenges we ran into

It was first time working NLP and I never used python in my projects before. So it was challenging yet enriching because I explored many apis and documentation to do this. And since the request limit exists with api I have to make sure that I'm not making unneccesary calls.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The idea and project which can be very useful to people of any age who are learning new language.

What we learned

Learned about using python for extraction of text from image and using it with api to get analysis of the text.

What's next for LanguageSimplify

Make it more accurate and helpful by generating quizzes from the given text so that the users can learn languages. And include gamification to make users get more points/badges as and when they complete quizlevels.

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