Realizing that our team combined language skills (13 languages including, English, Mandarin, Spanish and Russian) cover half of the Earth's population. We love languages and we want to help more people experience its joy.

What it does

LanguageClub does two things: 1) Matches you to an ideal language partner: a native speaker of the language you want to learn, who wants to learn your language. 2) Tutors you in the learning AND teaching process. All you have to do for teaching is correcting and communicating with your partner over the tasks the platform provides.

How I built it

ReactJS, Node, Express, Javascript, Html, CSS, Dot Club domains,
Twilio’s latest API feature enables to make video conference apps over web-RTC without

Challenges I ran into

Language learning is fundamentally difficult Coming up with use case that is simple to demostrate

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Implementing the new Twilio technology around web RTC for video conference.

What I learned

the greatness of React.js

What's next for LanguageClub

1) For this demo we implemented beginner Chinese to English but growing it to other levels and other languages is an obvious avenue. 2) In our initial brainstorm we thought of many coop games following the same framework: both partners have information the other needs and they need to communicate to solve the problem. For the demo we chose the simplest one we had, but finding your way through an 8-bit dungeon by solving linguistic riddles (still leveraging on the communication between the partners) appeared hard for a week-end hackathon but utterly exciting.

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