Growing up with 2 languages, it was always strange learning about new objects. I'd know pineapple in English, but not Vietnamese, but then I'd know guava in Vietnamese and not English. I'd learn these things in context; common fruits in English picture books at school, and less common fruits my family ate at home where we spoke Vietnamese. A lot of what I learned was actually at home in Vietnamese so to supplement, I went and got those leapfrog books at the library. Point and it'll tell you what that image was. With today's technology, you can make this much more relevant to each child's education. Instead of having a book predetermined with what they should know, we can build a way for them to learn the words to objects they see in their every day lives. However, this technology should be relevant even as we grow up. Despite having already learned our childhood basics, we tend to revert back to a toddler's understanding of language once we step foot in a foreign country. While we can now google translate and image search pretty easily, including that in the way we view the world, without having to pull out a phone and searching one thing at a time, will make that experience much more seamless.

What it does

Display translations of text as you see them through the headset. Includes an option to label items recognized as you see them through the headset. Your view can also be captured and saved for later classification.

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