Facebook Messenger became our main platform for communication, especially with our customers. We operate some products globally using Facebook Pages as a Vietnamese speaking team messaging grammatically correct is always a challenge for us. Our global customers use many languages English, Spanish ... Therefore we want to create a tool to intuitively proofreading our customer responses within Facebook Messenger. We also want to create a tool to help people correct spelling as well as practice their grammar skills in an interesting way.

What it does

Checking spelling & grammar function Language checker will correct the most cumbersome language mistakes, proofreading for English, German, Spanish, Russian, and more than 20 other languages.

Language exercise (Currently only available in English) Provide multiple-choice questions to help people improve their grammar skills.

How we built it

Base on Language tool LGPL license

Challenges we ran into

Create an intuitive flow for the customer to connect with the Bot. The accurate result of Language API is not stable when applying in many languages. Facebook Messenger only supports the various format of text on PC, still not available on Messenger application. We would like to add more languages and exercises.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Promote our girl to lead and to code the project. We can proudly say Mrs @XuanTran did a great job of managing the project technical flow. Become fluent with the Facebook Pages and Messenger API. Create a useful tool to check and learning languages.

What we learned

We found that Facebook Messenger is a free & useful tool for connecting people and businesses with various customizations available. We are eager to apply more Messenger API in our businesses and create applications for our customers.

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