Worldwide many English Assessment Exams happen and for same there are many institutes and private instructors charging heavy amount of money for language skills but there is no virtual tool to assess these English Speaking Skills.

What it does

So basically our project is currently covering Reading and Speaking skills of a person in English language and we enable users to practice reading and speaking skill in any corner of world.

What we built

As per our given tasks we were said to create the wireframes and presentation but we managed to create the frontend of website and we were able to implement some logic to assess parameters asked in the given problem statement (C1) such speed ,accuracy and sentiment analysis with the help of prebuilt python packages.Further we are planning to enhance and present a finished product using ML/DL.

Challenges we ran into

A 20 hour long Appathon was very easy to start but while coming to the end, the difficulty got rapid increase, and at start we had a fresh mind but coming toward end everyone got tired.Another challenge was thinking about the backend logics and implementing machine learning models.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A very unique idea, team project, in less time we did alot more work than our ability.

What's next for C1-Data Pirates

Currently our project is basically for Reading and Speaking we will try to add Writing and Listening part in future, also right now its just a frontend but we will make it a full fledge project.We will market this product on subscriptions basis to different enterprises and language schools to increase language proficiency in individuals.

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