LangBang gives the average person the ability to instantly communicate live with people who speak a different language. Using LangBang, a person can visit another country and easily talk with locals. Besides giving users more freedom in talking to people of different backgrounds, LangBang also reinforces language learning by translating a word or phrase to another language. This learning is done unobtrusively, and in a way that fits the user's daily routines.

LangBang is Android software paired with a bluetooth mic/speaker dongle. This is magnetic and has several developed accessories, all of which are completely interchangeable with the core component. The fact that LangBang is decoupled from its accessories allows the user to wear it while working out, going to a business meeting, or going to dinner, all in an appropriate and visually appealing way.

In the future, we will improve language learning through more in depth analysis of each user's speech. The next plan is to monitor when a user speaks in a language they are learning, analyzing vocabulary and grammar usage. Proper grammar is integral to deeply understanding a language, and very few mobile tools currently approach this problem. Another way of improving language learning is to provide tools for tracking a user's progress overtime through graphs, emphasizing continuous daily progress. This gives the user a visual way to see their achievements and motivation to keep learning languages.

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