Language is what brings people together, and keeps us apart. If you prefer to make the world a more accessible place, then there's no such thing as too many ways of keeping language-learning fresh and exciting.

With augmented reality within the reach of everyone (and at their fingertips), now is the time to use this technology to learn a new language.

What it does

langAR is a new way to immerse yourself in learning a foreign language through the use of augmented reality.

People learn languages better when they relate words to tangible items, and langAR gives you that opportunity from the convenience of the classroom or your own home. Now you can see a tree bursting from your desk, and establish a strong connection with it - "đây la một cái cây!".

How we built it

langAR utilizes an already refined Augmented Reality interface (provided by Apple and available on modern iPhones and iPads) to generate models on any surface, and then quiz you on the items you see.

Challenges we ran into

The AR itself wasn't overly difficult to implement, but there were a lot of issues with scaling and orienting objects in augmented reality. Finding models which could be processed by Xcode was also difficult.

iOS layouts are also finnicky at times, and there was a decent amount of time spent trying to set up a layout with buttons which could interact with the view controller, and vice versa.

What we learned

We learned how to use ARKit and SceneKit in Xcode, which neither of us had ever used before. We also got some serious experience using Swift, and doing general iOS development in Xcode.

What's next for langAR

From the system we have created, we see a set of endless possibilities. The first major step is expansion into more languages, adding complex grammatical structures, increasing variety and presentation of exercises, and implementing voice recognition.

Tracking progress can help a user focus on words or phrases that they struggle with, and create a rewards system to keep them motivated in their goal of learning a new language. 加油!

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