We see a future where all of humanity is united, and all language barriers are crossed with easy accessibility to knowledge. 2 days ago, we were all presented with a challenging opportunity to participate in a global event. After many failed attempts at building a well-equipped team, in the end, we eventually found a group of like-minded peers from different professional backgrounds, which later turned out to be the perfect team for us. During our first brainstorming session, after going through various conflicts while choosing one of the four topics, we arrived at a conclusion that regardless of where the person comes from, communication is one of the biggest barriers every one of us comes across at some point in our life. Henceforth, we decided to tackle this issue through our app Lang Learn by destroying all the communication barriers, one word at a time. Our app provides a learning platform for any person willing to put in the time and effort. It gives a new learner a flawless journey to follow to learning countless languages. We have set up interactive games, quizzes in the app and community challenges in our Lang House to always bring out something new for our users and keep it fresh. Our Phoenix AI matches your sound with the phonetics of the word to help you correct your pronunciations to further increase your knowledge of the language. Deciding on a good user interface which was easy to use and aesthetically pleasing took us some time and effort to get right. Working together efficiently as a team is what I think is sometimes tough, but we're proud of the fact that we managed our teamwork quite very well. Everyone was serious regarding their own duties that they were assigned and the workflow was very smooth. Another thing I can add to this is the idea that we established and how we implemented it. It didn't quite come together in the beginning, but throughout these 20 hours, we kept joining pieces of the puzzles and figured it out. We feel that we learnt how as a good team we can brainstorm and solve the problems that we face. We learnt that we need to think out of the box to innovate, to solve the problems that haven't been solved. Till now, we are providing Lang Learn in 8 languages and offer to teach the same 8 languages. In the near future, we plan to update the app and upgrade the number of languages you can learn and also which you can learn in. Also, in some future updates, we are planning to introduce some new games to keep our learners entertained.

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