One aspect which no one looks into is to improve land productivity. With our web application, we provide direct access of land to/from farmers from/to the market so that the farmer can rent or sell the land to solar panel or renewable resources companies which can be beneficial to the farmers and the environment.

What it does

We implement a web-based application that can help the farmers or a corporation to securely log into an auction website where the seller can post his or her information (Land pictures, location, description, size, price). The buyer can then place a bid from his/her account which will get updated on the website and will receive a text message alert for a higher bid. Additionally, our webpage also provides an unbiased report of sunshine, temperature and other environmental factors for the buyer to make an informed decision.

How we built it

For the front-end, we used 'React' and 'React Bootstrap' with 'JSX' elements throughout our code. This involved the responsive designing of the landing page, decision page and the result page. The back end runs on 'Python' , 'Fast API', and 'AWS'. We use Fast API, a python microframework for web dev, to build a central API around the other APIs we are using (Google's Geocoding for location, Meteo for environmental factors). This allows clear and consistent API calls from the client while handling the rest on the server. Our users are stored in an AWS DynamoDB table and receive a unique key upon successful login. The API is hosted on an AWS EC2 t2.medium instance which accepts HTTP.

Challenges we ran into

CORS blocking between the client and the server, extracting useful data from APIs, successful integration of lifecycle methods, passing data from one page to another using the router component.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Working together as a team with different components assigned to everyone was the main challenge which worked out pretty well. We used Victory for getting the graphs which was very new to us.

What we learned

We learned teamwork, a ton of technical skills and how to fight sleep!

What's next for

With more parameters to establish a better result to display to a buyer, we can potentially make it even bigger and a successful auctioning website.

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