1. Self: Seeking a solution for small-scale cross-platform applications using web/app co-design, i.e. leverage a single codebase and deploy it on multiple platforms, both on different mobile OSs (iOS, Android, Windows using phonegap) and mobile web, and very limited or no change occurs on deployment from one platform to another.
  2. Self and Sponsors: Support the diagnosis and information content for common insect and mite pests found in Florida and elsewhere (mostly southeastern) in the United States. Making a portable handbook easy to access when users are in the field so that the natural resources can be protected and conserved in a more efficient way.

Target Users

  1. Owner and employees of farms and landscapes - knowledge base to seek help before diagnosis from professionals.
  2. Researchers and professionals on pest control - mobile assistant when doing remote diagnosis or at the field.
  3. Educational purpose: good information source for students major in entomology, agriculture, and landscape or anyone who is interested in insects.

Key Features

  1. Completely free to use ^_^
  2. Offline working capacity - database is downloaded and stored in html local storage;
  3. Detailed information of pest's damage symptom and control method as well as other biological aspects;
  4. Multi-way search function - fast to locate a pest;
  5. High resolution image gallery(EC2 version is current using compressed images);
  6. Option to native deployment using phonegap with no change on codebase.

    Notice*: Please visit the provided website URL in the browser of any modern mobile device to ensure the best performance
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