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From home you travel long and end afar,

To see just what the earth may have to show.

You cruise along alone inside your car;

You only know are where you intend to go.

But curious, you look past the window's glare

And wonder what attractions pass you by.

The secrets only locals know to share -

And secret still, for people remain shy.

You cue up Landmark on your mobile phone:

The world around you soon takes on new light.

These local places won't remain unknown;

You thought you'd not stay long, but now you might.

Uncertainty shan't keep you at the gate -

A whole world of adventure now awaits.

-- on travel

In a world with more travel-related apps than one can count, Landmark is a form of escape for your escape. It leverages the powerful Mapbox API and community voices to offer an insider's ideal itinerary for whichever corner of the world you explore.

At its core, Landmark is an interactive map that displays sites that act as local landmarks for non-local and local folks alike to visit. Our goal was to streamline the process of adventure-planning by curating sites that are physically nearby and loved by others for users to consider incorporating into their day (trust us, we've spent a lot of time on Yelp and TripAdvisor).

The current version of Landmark utilizes the decentralized CockroachDB to store detailed geographical data on local landmarks and funnels the information into a smooth, visually-appealing deliverable powered by Mapbox and several flavors of Javascript.

We've still got work to do, but the world is yours -- don't let us stop you.

Made with ♥ at Cal Hacks 6.0.

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