See and travel the world with one tap.

Traveling and education have always been popular for everyone ranging from a child to an elder who enjoys discovering new experiences. However, planning for it can be tedious and requires a lot of planning, something not everyone has time for. Through the technology of Augmented Reality (AR), LandmARk-Lens can help everyone visualize their trips by showing the most important information they need for travel. Just tap, and we will handle the rest.

What it does

The user taps on a landmark photo by using the Hololens. LandmARk-Lens will recognize the landmark and shows a map of the surroundings around the landmark, recent news regarding the country, information about the landmark, general history and overview of the landmark, and the weather in that particular city for the next five days. If the user is interested in traveling, the user can send the date he/she will like to travel and in return, get information regarding the flight there back.

How we built it

When the user taps on a photo, LandmARk-Lens will recognize the landmark through Google Cloud Vision and provide its Geolocation. Through the landmark's unique location, the application provides the general information of the landmark requested from Wikipedia, the weather of the city through Openweathermap API, the map of the surroundings through the Google Maps API, and the latest news of the country the landmark is located in through the Bing News API. The LandmARk-Lens logo and the weather icons have all been made through Photoshop.

Twilio API will send an SMS prompting the user to enter their desired travel dates whenever he/she clicks the SMS Send button. The user will reply when he/she would like to travel, and will get flight information for that date back from the skyscanner API.

Challenges we ran into

Because Hololens and the VR/AR field is relatively new, there were not many resources for us to reference from while making the app.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

Creating LandmARk-Lens was not easy, especially because the development stage of Hololens is not yet mature. We had multiple issues with running the application in Hololens even when it ran successfully on Unity Game Engine. Despite this, we were able to create an original application where we combined virtual reality with traveling.

What we learned

During development, we were constantly reminded of how much opportunity there is for VR/AR. Although most of the APIs we implemented were done before, they had not been implemented much in the Hololens.

What's next for LandmARk-Lens

Our next plan for LandmARk Lens is to connect it to travel agencies and connect it with schools to use it as an educational tool. Moreover, we will further expand our usage of Twilio API by fetching additional accommodation and travel agency information through its voice and messaging API in order to help users make more informed decisions when scheduling a trip.

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